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Google Search Google Australia
General case law search Supreme Court of Queensland Library
Limited Queensland case law search Search civil files
Search published decisions – Industrial Court
Search court summaries – WorkCover Queensland
Search decisions – Office of the Information Commissioner
Limited Commonwealth case law search  Commonwealth Courts Portal [Federal Law Search]
Limited Commonwealth tribunal decision search  Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
Individual bankruptcy search  Commonwealth Courts Portal [Bankruptcy Search]
Company insolvency search  ASIC insolvency notices
Vexatious litigant search  Register of vexatious litigants – Queensland Courts
Search enforceable undertaking, disqualification/discipline & adjudication registers Enforceable Undertakings – ASIC
Banned and Disqualified – ASIC
Disqualified Officers – ORIC
Disqualification Register – APRA
Online Tax and BAS Agent Register – TPB
Discipline Register – LSC
Adjudication – Australian Press Council
Work health and safety check  Enforceable undertakings list
Australian Business Number search  ABN Lookup
Registered charity search  Find a charity on the ACNC Register
Australian company details search Organisations and Business Names Search ($) Current Company Extract
Building Company Licence Search [Licensee Search]
Australian trademark search  –Australian Trade Mark Search
Internet domain name registration search  WHOIS lookup (where website identified)
Register of entities appearing in Queensland Legislation  APL Register
Deceased notice search  –Probate Notice Database – Queensland Reports
Australian Papers – Ryerson Index

Specialized searches:

 (list not comprehensive)
Google Advanced search Google Australia
Telephone Number search Reverse Australia
Individual credit score Credit report –
Individual bankruptcy search Search the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) ($)
Your Traffic history Check my demerit points
Apply for traffic history ($)
Criminal history check Police Certificate (Australia-Wide Criminal History) ($)
Limited International criminal records check Search Interpol Notices
Unclaimed Money Search The Public Trustee Unclaimed Money Register
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