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Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 – 8 September 2016

Education (General Provisions) Regulation 2006 – 25 November 2016

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There is an obligation on parents to enrol their children who turn 6 years and 6 months on 31 December in a State or non-State school for the relevant year where this age is reached. Parents also have an obligation to ensure their children’s school attendance. Schooling is compulsory until the completion of year 10.

  • Sections 10, 176, 177, 201, 204, 230, 231, 234, 235, 239, 240; Regulations 16, 65

The government may establish primary, secondary and special education schools.

  • Section 13

The government must investigate complaints relating to State schools.

  • Sections 8, 46, Schedule 4

Education in Queensland State schools is generally free for Australian citizens. To enrol in a State school, an application must be made to the school’s principal.

  • Sections 49, 50, 51, 52, 55, 56, 155, 155A, 168, 171,  172, 175, 276; Regulation 69, 70, Schedule 5 of the Regulation

Parents may enrol their child in pre-preparatory learning programs where the child is at least 4 years 6 months on 31 December in the year proposed for enrolment.

  • Sections 419A, 419B; Regulation 71, Schedule 5A

Preparatory year enrolment may occur where the child is at least 5 years 6 months on 31 December in the year proposed for enrolment. Note: Such preparatory learning may be necessary for year 1 enrolment – see sections 156 and 175M of the Act and the definition of ‘attributes’ in Schedule 4 of the Act.

  • Sections 8, 156, 175M, Schedule 4; Regulation 15

Reports and parent-teacher discussions in relation to a child’s performance are to occur at least twice a year.

  • Sections 424, 425
Reason for law

To make available to each Queensland child or young person a high quality education. (Section 5)

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Sections 46 and 420 could be amended to apply to both State and non-State schools.

Section 280 contains the phrase ‘nolle prosequi’. This phrase may not be understood by members of the public.

Regulation 33 refers exclusively to the Bible. It does not refer to the books of other religions.

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