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Soil Survey Act 1929 – 20 December 1995

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An authorised person shall, at all reasonable times and as often as may be deemed necessary: have the unrestricted right to enter and re-enter from time to time upon any land with such assistants and any plant and equipment as are required; dig and bore into any land so as to ascertain the nature of the soil in respect of the land; take samples of the soil, earth, gravel, stone, or other material, or water, or of any plant growing on the land, for any purposes, scientific or otherwise, as may be necessary in respect of such soil survey. Where practicable, reasonable notice shall be given to the owner or occupier of the land by the authorised person of the intention to enter and to exercise the relevant powers. For the definition of ‘authorised person’, refer to section 2 of the Act.

  • Sections 2, 3
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The term ‘Crown’ appearing in section 4 may be replaced with a modern alternative.



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